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1 Coconut Nursery Management
2 25 Years of Arecanut Research and Development (Technical Bulletin No:9)
3 25 Years of Research on Breeding for Resistance/Tolerance to Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease (Technical Bulletin No:72)
4 50 Years of Research achievements of CPCRI Research Centre
5 A Decade of Growth and Achievements of CPCRI 2005-2014(Technical Bulletin No:88)
6 A Discourse on Coconut Root (wilt) Disease(Extension folder)
7 A Knife for harvesting Cacao and A small Drier for Cacao Beans(Pamphlet15)
8 A treatise on Palmyrah
9 About CPCRI(hindi)(Extension folder)
10 About the Regional Station(Extension Folder63)
11 Adike Krishi Padhathigalu (Kannada)(Technical Bulletin No:135)
12 Adike Krishiya Package Padhathi(Pamphlet2K)
13 Adikeyalli baruva rogagalu mattu augala nirvahane (Extension Folder- Kannada)
14 Aishwarya-athyulpadanasheshiyulla nellinam(Extension Folder113)
15 Amma thengum Thaikalum - paricharanan mikava pradhanam (mal)(Extension Folder)
16 Annotated bibliography of coconut in India:1977-90
17 Arashina Krishiya Package Padhathi(Pamphlet10K)
18 Arecanut
19 Arecanut cultivation practices
20 Arecanut Cultivation Practices ( Kannada):(Centenary Publication-61)
21 Arecanut Cultivation Practices (English)
22 Arecanut Cultivation Practices (Kannada)(Extension Folder123)
23 Arecanut Cultivation Practices (Tamil)
24 Arecanut Cultivation Practices(kannada)
25 Arecanut Cultivation Practices(kannada)(KVK Short Communication6)
26 Arecanut Cultivation Practices(mal)
27 Arecanut Cultivation Practices(mal)(Extension Folder124)
28 Arecanut Cultivation Practices(mal)(KVK Short Communication2)
29 Arecanut Cultivation Practices:(KVK Folder2)
30 Arecanut Varieties(Extension Folder67)
31 Arecanut Varieties(kannada)(Extension Folder68)
32 Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease (Technical Bulletin No:10)
33 Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease (Technical Bulletin No:39)
34 Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease(Extension Folder2)
35 Arecanut-Package of Practices March (Pamphlet2)1985
36 Arecanut-Package of Practices(Pamphlet2)
37 Arecanut-Package of Practices(Pamphlet2) 1989
38 ATIC-in the service of Farming Community(Extension Folder115)
39 ATIC-in the service of Farming Community(kannada)(Extension Folder118)
40 ATIC-in the service of Farming Community(mal)(Extension Folder117)
41 Basal Stem Rot Disease of Coconut (Technical Bulletin No:30)
42 Beware of the invasive pest
43 Bibliography of Arecanut(Technical Bulletin No:1)
44 Bibliography on Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferruginues) A Pest of palms
45 Boron Deficiency in coconut- Diagnosis and Correction(Technical Bulletin No:40 )
46 Calendar for Arecanut(Technical Bulletin No:67)
47 Calendar for Cocoa 2012 (English)
48 Cardamom-Package of Practices(Pamphlet28)
49 Cashew
50 Cashew Cultivation Practices:(KVK Folder4)
51 Cashew-Package of Practices(Pamphlet8)
52 Central Plantation Crops Research Institute - In the service of farmers(Extension Folder181)
53 Central Plantation Crops Research InstituteExtension Folder
54 Chemban chelli (Mal)
55 Chemban chelli niyanthranathinu sradhikenda karyangal(Centenary Publication-10)
56 Chemban Chelli(mal)(Extension Folder169)
57 Chena - thengin thotathil anuyojyamaya idavila(Extension Folder)
58 CO-3 sankaraneppiyar mikacha oru theetapullinam(Extension Folder)
59 Coastal Sandy Soil Management for Higher Coconut Productivity(English)
60 Cocoa beeja samsakarane mattu chocolate utpadhane (Technical Bulletin) (Kannada))
61 Cocoa cultivation practices
62 Cocoa cultivation practices (mal)
63 Cocoa Cultivation Practices(eng)(Extension Folder64)
64 Cocoa Cultivation Practices(kannada)(Extension Folder65)
65 Cocoa Cultivation Practices(kannada)(KVK Short Communication7)
66 Cocoa Cultivation Practices:(KVK Folder3)
67 Cocoa Guide
68 Cocoa Krishi Margadharshi (Kannada) Technical Bulletin 136)
69 Cocoa Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi(Pamphlet6M)
70 Cocoa Krishiya Package Padhathi(Pamphlet4K)
71 Cocoa Note Book (English) - Technical Bulletin No:144
72 Cocoa Note Book (Kannada) - Technical Bulletin No:145
73 Cocoa Nursery Kaipidi (Kannada) (Technical Bulletin No:139)
74 Cocoa Varieties of ICAR-CPCRI
75 Cocoa Varieties of ICAR-CPCRI(Kannada)
76 Cocoa-Package of Practices(Pamphlet4)
77 Cocoadalli Baruva rogagalu mattu augala nirvahane(Extension Folder-Kannada)
78 Cocoato chocolate
79 Coconut (English) (Technical Bulletin No:133
80 Coconut Based Integrated Farming System (Technical Bulletin No:78)
81 Coconut Bunch Support(Pamphlet14)
82 Coconut Chips Entrepreneurship Driven ICAR-CPCRI Technology for Healthy Alternative Non-Fried Snack Food :(CentenaryPublication-42)
83 Coconut Chips(Extension Folder)
84 Coconut chips(kannada)(Extension Folder174)
85 Coconut chips(mal)(Extension Folder172)
86 Coconut community in India -A Profile
87 Coconut Cultivation Practices (Hindi)
88 Coconut Cultivation Practices (Kannada)
89 Coconut Cultivation Practices (Tamil)
90 Coconut Cultivation Practices(eng)(Extension Folder51)
91 Coconut Cultivation Practices(kannada)(KVK Short Communication5)
92 Coconut Cultivation Practices(mal)(Extension Folder52)
93 Coconut Cultivation Practices(mal)(KVK Short Communication1)
94 Coconut Cultivation Practices(malayalam)(Extension Folder125)
95 Coconut Cultivation Practices:(KVK Folder1)
96 Coconut diseases of uncertain etiology
97 Coconut Diseases of Uncertain Technology(Technical Bulletin No:1)
98 Coconut Embryo Culture-protocol for Germplasm Collection(Technical Bulletin No:45 )
99 Coconut farming in Lakshadweep Islands Strategies for enhancing sustainability (Technical Bulletin No:149)
100 Coconut farming in Lakshadweep Islands Strategies for enhancing sustainability)
101 Coconut Leaf Beetle
102 Coconut leaf vermicompost and vermiwash(Extension Folder178)
103 Coconut leaf vermicompostproduction technology & properties
104 Coconut root (wilt) disease
105 Coconut Root Wilt Disease(Present Status of Research and Management)(Technical Bulletin No:14)
106 Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease-A Discourse(Technical Bulletin No19 )
107 Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease-A practical approach-Contain the disease and live with it (Technical Bulletin No:8 )
108 Coconut Varietal Improvement Efforts of AICRP on Palms (Technical Bulletin No:104)
109 Coconut Varieties and Hybrids(Technical Bulletin No:87)
110 Coconut-Package of Practices(Pamphlet1)
111 Commercial Production of Coconut Chips(Technical Bulletin No:62)
112 Community based extension mechanisms for pest and disease management of coconut(Technical Bulletin No:98)
113 Copra dryer upayogich gunamenmayulla copra thayyarakal(Extension Folder111)
114 Copra Dryers (Technical Bulletin No:29)
115 Copra dryers(kan)(Extension Folder176)
116 Copra Moisture Meter(Extension Folder11)
117 Cost of Production and Cost-Benifit Analysis of Smallholder Plantation Crops(Technical Bulletin No:12)
118 CPCRI - A Century of Service to the Nation
119 CPCRI at a glance
120 CPCRI Kayamkulam(mal)(Technical Bulletin)
121 CPCRI Regional Station Kayamkulam at a glance (Technical Bulletin No:80)
122 CPCRI Research Centre Mohitnagar-Research Accomplishments(Pamphlet22)
123 CPCRI Research Centre, Kidu
124 CPCRI Samshodhana Kendra Hirahalli(Pamphlet21K)
125 CPCRI- A Century of Service to the Nation
126 CPCRIyil Ninnum Purathirakkiya Thenginangal
127 Cryopreservation of coconut zygotic embroys and pollen(Technical Bulletin No:63)
128 Directory of Incubatees
129 Disease Management Strategies in Arecanut and Cocoa(eng)(Extension Folder69)
130 Disease Management Strategies in Arecanut and Cocoa(kannada)(Extension Folder70)
131 Documentation of elite coconut mother palms for augmenting quality planting material production in coconut growing regions (Technical Bulletin)
132 Drip fertigation for coconut(Extension Folder176)
133 Drip Irrigation for Coconut(Extension Folder)
134 Drip Irrigation for Coconut(Pamphlet31)
135 Drought management in coconut gardens(Eng)(Extension Folder125)
136 Drought management in coconut gardens(kannada)(Extension Folder127)
137 Drought management in coconut gardens(Mal)(Extension Folder126)
138 Economics of palm based farming systems
139 Entomopathogenic Nematode (EPN) for the Management of Root grub in Arecanut (Extension folder No- 256)
140 Entomopathogenic Nematode (EPN) for the Management of Root grub in Arecanut (Kannada) (Extension folder No-264)
141 Entrepreneur and Farmer Friendly Technologies
142 Eriophyid Mite(mal)(Extension Folder)
143 Eriophyid mite-nusi keeta(kannada)(Extension Folder155)
144 Extension Folder14
145 Extension Folder16)
146 Extension Folder4)
147 Farmer Field School (FFS) in Coconut-Participatory biomanagement of Rhinoceros Beetle(Technical Bulletin No:97 )
148 Field Guide for Coconut Farmers:(Centenary Publication-3)
149 Floriculture for Enhancing Profitability of Coconut Gardens(Technical Bulletin No:99)
150 Fodder cultivation in coconut based farming system (Eng)(Extension Folder 272)
151 Four decades of CPCRI interventions on coconut-based island ecosystem at Minicoy
152 Ganoderma or Anabe disease of Arecanut(Extension Folder20)
153 Gramalakshmi-veetumutath valarthan anuyojyamaya kozhi inam(Extension Folder114)
154 Grow Edible Mushrooms on Coconut Residues(Extension Folder251)
155 Growth Profile of Library and Information Services at CPCRI
156 Guidelines for establishing coconut seed gardens in India(Technical Bulletin No:17)
157 Gunamenmayulla copra thayarakan chiratta indanamayupayogikunna copra dryer(Extension Folder)
158 Gunamenmayulla Copra Thyarakal(Extension Folder173)
159 Harsha - Athyulpadanasheshiyulla oru hrasuakaala nellinam(Extension Folder)
160 Harvesting Wisdom of Coconut Growers
161 Hybridization Technique in Coconut(English)(Technical Bulletin No:57)
163 ICAR Research Complex for Goa(Technical Bulletin No:18)
164 ICAR Research Complex for Lakshadweep(CPCRI)-Research Accomplishments(Pamphlet29)
165 Impact
166 Imprints
167 Improvement of plantation crops
168 Indigenous knowledge in Coconut and Arecanut Cultivation
169 Inji Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi(Pamphlet9M)
170 Insect pests of cocoa and their management)(Kannada):(Centenary Publication-58)
171 Insect pests of cocoa and their management:(Centenary Publication-40)
172 Integrated approach for managing root (wilt) affected coconut gardens(Extension Folder90)
173 Integrated management of Root Grubs in Arecanut (English)
174 Integrated management of Root Grubs in Arecanut (Kannada)
175 Integrated Management of Root(Wilt)Disease Affected Coconut Gardens Through Cropping/Farming System Approach(Technical Bulletin No:65)
176 Integrated nutrient management in coconut based croping system (Technical Bulletin No:49)
177 Integrated Pest Management in Coconut(Technical Bulletin No:55)
178 Intercropping in coconut garden(Technical Bulletin No23)
179 Intercropping of Medicinal Plants in Coconut Garden(Extension Folder188)
180 International directory of coconut workers
181 Introducing CPCRI(Pamphlet11E)
182 Invasive Pests of Coconut (Technical Bulletin No:93)
183 Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut
184 Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut (Hindi) - Technical Bulletin No: 122
185 Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut (Kannada) - Technical Bulletin No: 125
186 Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut (Malayalam) - Technical Bulletin No: 124
187 Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut (Tamil) - Technical Bulletin No: 121
188 Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut (Telugu) - Technical Bulletin No: 120
189 Investigations on the bud rot disease of coconut
190 Jaiva niyanthranathilude komban chelliye akattam:(Centenary Publication-11)
191 Jaiva vibhava viniyogamkaryakshamamaakaan ( Short Communication261)
192 Kaalumenasu Krishiya Package Padhathi(Pamphlet7K)
193 Kalavasthakanugunamaya thotavilakalude paripalanam(kannada)(Extension Folder160)
194 Kalavasthakanugunamaya thotavilakalude paripalanam(mal)(Extension Folder161)
195 Kalparasa-Collection and Value addition)(Kannada):(Centenary Publication-35)
196 Kalparasa-Collection and Value addition)(Malayalam):(Centenary Publication-41)
197 Kalparasa: Collection and value addition (Technical Bulletin No:92)
198 Kamuku vilaparipalana reethikal samyojitha laghulekha (Malayalam)- Technical Bulletin No: 146
199 Katte Disease of small Cardamom and its management September1983 (Technical Bulletin No:11)
200 Katte' Disease of small Cardamom and its management(Technical Bulletin No:11 )
201 Kattu veezhcha badhitha pradeshangalkayi gunamenmayulla thengin thai uthpadanam(mal)(Short Communication220)
202 Kattu veezhcha samagra paripalanam(Extension Folder91)
203 Kattuveezhcha rogaparipalanathinayi thengadisthanamakiya krishi sampradayangal(Extension Folder199)
204 Kavunginte Mahali Rogam(Extension Folder78)
205 Kavunginu marunnu thalikunnathinu anuyojyamaya telescopic sprayer(malayalam))(Extension Folder)
206 Keeda niyanthranam-kavung-cocoa(kannada))(Extension Folder156)
207 Keeda niyanthranam-kavung-cocoa(mal)Extension Folder165
208 Kerakeedangalkethire jaivika niyanthranam(Extension Folder)
209 Kerala Coconut Replanting Project(KCRP)(Technical Bulletin No:4)
210 Koleroga(Mahali) of Arecanut(Extension Folder17)
211 Komban chelli niyanthranathinu thottathinte shuchithuam urappakuka:(Centenary Publication-8)
212 Komban chelli(kannada)(Extension Folder159)
213 Komban chelli(malayalam)(Extension Folder170)
214 Komban chellikkethire prathirodha nadapadikal:(Centenary Publication-7)
215 Komban chelliye nashippikan metarhizium kumil(Centenary Publication-9)
216 Kombanchellikethire Samyojitha Keeda Niyanthrana Margangal(Extension Folder79)
217 Krishi vijnana kendram - Alappuzha jilla(Extension Folder)
218 Kurumulagu-Thengin thotathinanuyojyamaya misravila(malayalam)(Extension Folder)
219 Kurumulaku Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi(Pamphlet7E) 1979
220 Leaf Rot Disease of Coconut (Technical Bulletin No:38)
221 Leaf rot disease of coconut(eng)(Extension Folder)
222 Leaf rot disease of coconut(mal)(Extension Folder)
223 Management of Coconut Leaf Rot Disease(Technical Bulletin)
224 Management of Nematode Diseases in Coconut and Arecanut Based Farming Systems(Pamphlet33)
225 Management of Root(Wilt) affected Coconut Gardens(Extension Folder18)
226 Mandari -Samyojitha keeda niyanthranam(mal)
227 Mangala-A high yielding Arecanut Variety(Extension Folder6)
228 Manjal Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi(Pamphlet10M)
229 Manninte arogya samrakshana margangal(Extension Folder)
230 Mannira composting-gaveshana sthapana-gramabandha paripadiyile vijayagadha(Extension Folder108)
231 Mithrajeevanu mishritha nirmmanam: Kootaymayilude(Short Communication214)
232 Mitra nimavirakalilude kavungile verutheeni puzhukkale niyanthrikkam (Extension Folder 265) (mal)
233 Mixed Cropping (Technical Bulletin No:24)
234 Mixed Cropping of Black Pepper in Coconut and Arecanut Gardens(Technical Bulletin No:42 )
235 Mohithnagar-Athyulpadanasheshiyulla oru kavunginam(Extension Folder)
236 Mushroom cultivation on coconut wastes(eng)(Extension Folder83)
237 Mushroom cultivation on coconut wastes(hindi))(Extension Folder)
238 Mushroom cultivation on coconut wastes(kan)(Extension Folder85)
239 Mushroom cultivation on coconut wastes(mal)(Extension Folder84)
240 Mycoplasma Diseases of Coconut with Special Reference to Root(Wilt) Disease(Technical Bulletin)
241 Naariyal avasist par Khadhya mushroom krishi(Extension Folder240)
242 Naariyal chips ka vanigyak udhpathan-Hindi(Technical Bulletin No:74)
243 Naariyal Pattha Bring (Brontispa longissima) -(Hindi)
244 Naariyal pattha vermicompost utpadhan ka thareeka evam visesathayem(Extension Folder239)
245 National seminar on technologies for enhancing productivity in cocoa
246 Nursery Manual for Coconut(Pamphlet6)
247 Nursery Manual for Coconut1980(Pamphlet6)
248 Nursery Manual on Cocoa
249 Oil Palm October1987(Pamphlet19)
250 Oil palm production technology
251 Oil Palm(Pamphlet19)
252 Olacheeyal(mal)(Short Communication215)
253 Onfarm diversity in coconut
254 Organic Farming Technologies in Coconut
255 Package of Practices for Arecanut(Pamphlet2E)
256 Package of Practices for Arecanut(Pamphlet2E)1976
257 Package of Practices for Arecanut(Pamphlet2E)1979
258 Package of Practices for Arecanut(Pamphlet2E)1988
259 Package of Practices for Cashew(Pamphlet8E)
260 Package of Practices for Cocoa July 1978(Pamphlet4E)
261 Package of Practices for Cocoa(Pamphlet4E)
262 Package of Practices for Coconut -February1986(Pamphlet1E)
263 Package of Practices for Coconut(Pamphlet1E)
264 Package of Practices for Coconut(Pamphlet1E) July 1989
265 Package of Practices for Coconut(Pamphlet1E) November 1991
266 Package of Practices for Coconut- January 1978(Pamphlet1E)
267 Package of Practices for Ginger(Pamphlet9)
268 Package of Practices for Ginger(Pamphlet9E)
269 Package of practices for organic farming in coconut(Technical Bulletin No:64)
270 Package of Practices for Pepper(Pamphlet7E)
271 Package of Practices for Pepper(Pamphlet7E) 1979
272 Package of Practices for Tree Spices(Pamphlet12E)
273 Package of Practices for Turmeric(Pamphlet10E)
274 Paddy Cum Fish Culture(Pamphlet23)
275 Palm Tissue and Organ Culture Protocols(Technical Bulletin No:51)
276 Participatory Community Approaches in Area-Wide Management of Red Palm Weevil- Pictorial Hand Book for Coconut Farmers:(Centenary Publication-19)
277 Pedal Operated Arecanut Dehusker(Scissors Type)(Extension Folder7)
278 Pepper-Package of Practices(Pamphlet7)
279 Pest Management in Coconut Nursery
280 Pest Management in Coconut Nursery (Technical Bulletin No:73)
281 Pheromone Traps for the Management of Red Palm Weevil - A Key PestofCoconut(Extension Folder29)
282 Phytophthora diseases of tropical cultivated plants
283 Planting material for Arecanut(Tamil)
284 Planting material for Cocoa(Tamil)
285 Poonkulachazhi(Extension Folder94)
286 Proceedings of the group meeting of nematologists working on horticultural crops
287 Profile of Cocoa collections at CPCRI
288 Progress of work on Root(Wilt) Disease of Coconut(Pamphlet5E)
289 Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids (Technical Bulletin No20)
290 Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids (Technical Bulletin No:34)
291 Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids(Pamphlet16)
292 Promising Coconut Cultivars and HybridsPamphlet16()1980
293 Pruning and Canopy Management in Cocoa(Technical Bulletin)
294 Rapid Multiplication of Pepper(Extension Folder3)
295 Recommendations for Cardamom(Pamphlet13E)
296 Red Palm Weevil control:(Centenary Publication-6)
297 Red Palm Weevil in Coconut Knack to Crack Trajectory
298 Red Palm Weevil-Kembu Thumbi(Kannada)(Extension Folder158)
299 Red Palm Weevil-The hidden enemy of the coconut palm(Extension Folder13)
300 Red Palm Weevil:(Centenary Publication-5)
301 Research Accomplishments of AICRP on Palms(Technical Bulletin No:85)
302 Research Farmer Extension Interface on Coconut and Arecanut
303 Research Highlights 1980(Technical Bulletin No:6)
304 Rhinoceros Beetle(Extension Folder12)
305 Rodent Pest management in Coconut and Cocoa June 1987(Extension Folder1)
306 Rodent Pest management in Coconut and Cocoa(Extension Folder1)
307 Roga niyanthranam-kavung-cocoa(mal)(Extension Folder164)
308 Roganiyathranam - arecanut and cocoa(kannada)(Extension Folder154)
309 Root (wilt) Disease of Coconut-Bench to Bunch Strategies (Technical Bulletin No:91)
310 Root-Knot Nematode of Cardamom and its control(Pamphlet17)
311 Ropan Phasal shabdaavalee (Angrezee - Hindi)
312 Shunti Krishiya Package Padhathi(Pamphlet9K)
313 Six Decades of Coconut Research in India(Extension Folder)
314 Smallholders Copra Drier using agricultural waste as fuel(Technical Bulletin No:13)
315 Snow Ball Tender Nut(Extension Folder)
316 Snowball tender nut(kannada)(Extension Folder175)
317 Snowball tender nut(mal)(Extension Folder171)
318 Soil and leaf sampling methods in arecanut and cocoa(Extension Folder-244)
319 Soil and leaf sampling methods in arecanut and cocoa(Kannada)(Extension Folder-245)
320 Solar and Electical Copra Dryers (Technical Bulletin No:15)
321 Souvenir - 54th Annual Meeting of Indian Phytopathological Society & National Symposium on Crop Protection and WTO an Indian Perspective 22 - 25 January 2002
322 Souvenir - Cleanings of Coconut 1916-2016
323 Souvenir - CPCRI Centenary Souvenir 1916-2016
324 Souvenir - Diamond Jubilee of Coconut Research in India International Symposium on Coconut Research and Development 1976
325 Souvenir - Golden Jubilee Year 2006
326 Souvenir - International Cashew Symposium Cochin 12-15- March 1979
327 Souvenir - International Conference onCoconut Biodiversity for Prosperity25 - 28 October
328 Souvenir - National Symposium on Plantation crops Trivandrum Dec.8 - 9
329 Souvenir - Platinum Jubilee of Coconut Research and Development in India 1916-1991
330 Spear Rot and Bud Rot in Oil Palm(Extension Folder21)
331 Spindle Bug of Arecanut(Extension Folder10)
332 Spindle Bug-A Major Insect Pest of Areca Palm(Extension Folder74)
333 Spindle Bug-A Major Insect Pest of Areca Palm(mal)(Extension Folder76)
334 Sree bhadra-oru mikacha madhura kizhanginam(Extension Folder)
335 Statistical Methods for Experiments in Plantation Crops(Technical Bulletin No:41 )
336 Stem bleeding disease in coconut(eng)(Extension Folder80)
337 Stem bleeding disease in coconut(Kannada)(Extension Folder82)
338 Stem bleeding disease in coconut(mal)(Extension Folder81)
339 Sugandhadravyangalku Oru Package Padhathi(Pamphlet12M)
340 Susthira Jaivakrishiku gunamenmayulla sambushtikritha jaivavalagal( Short Communication263)
341 Technical Bulletin
342 Technical Bulletin
343 Technical Bulletin
344 Technical Bulletin
345 Technical Bulletin
346 Technical Bulletin
347 Technical Bulletin
348 Technical Bulletin
349 Technical Bulletin
350 Technical Bulletin No.66
351 Technical Bulletin No22
352 Technical Bulletin No:26
353 Technique for Commercial Production of Coconut Hybrids(Pamphlet18)
354 Technologies for Value Added Coconut Products
355 Technology Assessment Through Institution Village Linkage Programme
356 Thanjavur Wilt/Ganoderma Disease of Coconut(Pamphlet30)
357 The arecanut palm
358 The Burrowing Nematode-Radopholus Similis(Extension Folder19)
359 The Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease-A State of the Art Report(Technical Bulletin No:5)
360 The Leaf eating Caterpillar of coconut palm (Technical Bulletin No:27)
361 Theng vila paripalana reethikal(Technical Bulletin No:69)
362 Thengil boroninte abhava lakshanangalum parihara margangalum(mal)(Short Communication221)
363 Thengin jaivavasishtangalil koon krishi (mal) Extension Folder 259 )
364 Thengin Thai Nersery Nirmmanathinoru Margarekha (Technical Bulletin No:147)
365 Thengin thotangalil mannu jala samrakshanam(kan)(Extension Folder162)
366 Thengin thotangalil mannu jala samrakshanam(mal)(Extension Folder163)
367 Thengin thottathile mannu-jala samrakshana margangal(Extension Folder)
368 Thengina kappu thalahula - Leaf eating caterpillar (Kannada)Extension Folder157
369 Thengina sudharitha thaligalu mattu sankaranagalu (Kannada) Technical bulletin No:141
370 Thenginte arogya paripalanam(mal)Technical bulletin No:100
371 Thenginte Jaivavashishtangalilninnu vivithataram kambostukal(Short Communication262)
372 Thenginte keeta roga bhadha Uttara Keralathil (mal) Technical bulletin No: 142
373 Thenginte Rogangal(Extension Folder166)
374 Thenginte rogangal(kannada)(Extension Folder153)
375 Thenginte samyojitha vala prayogam(mal)(Short Communication222)
376 Thenginu vendunna avashya moolakangalude abhavalakshanangalum parihara margangalum:(Centenary Publication-4)
377 Thengola mannira compost: uthpadhana sankethika vidyayum saviseshathakalum (Mal)(Extension Folder 257 )
378 Thengola puzhu(mal)(Extension Folder167)
379 Thengu (Kannada) (Technical Bulletin No:116)
380 Thengu kaattu veezhchayum matu rogangalum keedangalum(Extension Folder)
381 Thengu Krishiya Package Padhathi(Pamphlet1K)
382 Thengu- krishi reethikal(mal) Technical bulletin No:132
383 Turmeric-Package of Practices(Pamphlet10)
384 Twenty-Five Years of Research on Breeding for Resistance/Tolerance to Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease
385 Udyamkarthaa aur krishak hitkaari proudyogikiyam
386 Urea rahith coir pith composting proudhyogiki(Extension Folder238)
387 Urea-free Coir Pith Composting Technology(Extension Folder250)
388 Uriyarehitha chakirichoru compost thayyarakkunnathinulla sankethika vidya (Mal)(Extension Folder 258 )
389 Vermicompost from Coconut leaves(Extension Folder59)
390 Vermicompost from coconut leaves(tamil)(Extension Folder)
391 Vermicomposting from coconut leaves(hindi))(Extension Folder)
392 Vermicomposting from coconut leaves(kannada)(Extension Folder60)
393 Vermicomposting from coconut leaves(kannada))(Extension Folder175)
394 Vermicomposting of coconut leaves(eng)(Extension Folder107)
395 Vermicomposting of coconut leaves(mala)(Extension Folder106)
396 Vilakalile jaiva keeda roga niyanthranam(Extension Folder232)
397 Virgin Coconut Oil Hot and Fermentation Process :(Centenary Publication-43)
398 Virgin Coconut Oil(Technical Bulletin No:61)
399 Virgin Coconut Oil-Hindi(Technical Bulletin No:75 )
400 White Grub Management in Coconut and Arecanut Gardens(Extension Folder15)