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Ref. No. Patent No Title
5156/CHE/2013 354729 A composition, device or a trap and methods thereof
2425/CHE/2013 382339 A device for extraction of coconut palm sap
4077/CHE/2014 373309 Coco Sap Chiller
983/CHE/2009 358062 Manually operated kernel slicing machine
1127/Del/2005 269186 Design and development of shell fired copra dryer
2294/CHE/2009 268548 Coconut/Arecanut palm climbing device
672/CHE/2006 233742 Design and development of coconut de-shelling machine
670/CHE/2006 233744 Tender coconut punch and cutter
669/CHE/2006 246751 Development of Telescopic sprayer
1363/CHE/2008 278013 Coconut Testa Removing Machine
1363/CHE/2008 285418 Coconut chips slicing machine
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