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Commercialised Technologies

Safety device for coconut climbing machine

Application: When attached the safety device provides fool proof safety to the person climbing coconut using the Chemberi model coconut climbing machine.
Unit cost: Rs.250/- (excluding the cost of body harness)

Coconut chips

Application: Coconut chips with different flavour sweet, salted and etc. can be prepared.
Unit cost : Rs.1.5 lakh
Output capacity: 300 coconuts / day

Snow Ball Tender Nut Machine

Application: To produce snowball tendernut from tender coconut.
Unit cost : Rs.20,000/-
Output capacity: Ten snowball tendernuts per hour

Shell Fired Copra Dryer

Application/Use: For drying coconut to make copra for oil extraction.
Unit cost: Rs.33000/-
Output Capacity:1000 nuts per batch

Tender nut punch and cutter

Application/Use: For drinking tender nut water.
Unit cost: Rs.3500/-
Output Capacity: 150 – 200 nuts/hr

Virgin Coconut Oil by Fermentation and Hot Process Method

Application: To produce Virgin Coconut Oil from coconut milk – a value added product from coconut.
Unit cost : Rs.5,50,000/-
Output capacity: 500 nuts/day

Coconut De-Shelling Machine

The Coconut De-Shelling Machine is to remove shell from partially dried copra of moisture content 35 % d.b. The batch type machine has a capacity of de-shelling 200 coconuts per batch.

Coconut shell removing machine

The coconut shell removing machine reduces both time and drudgery involved in the manual de-shelling process. It also gives coconut kernal in single piece so that testa removing would be easy. The machine is quite gender friendly, even a lady can operate the machine with minimum experience. The machine has a capacity to remove the shell of 120 coconuts per hour. An experienced person could achieve a capacity of 150 coconuts per hour.

Vermicomposting of coconut farm waste by Earth worm