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Crop Protection

Head : Dr. Vinayaka Hegde

01. Plant Pathology
02. Entomology
03. Nematology

Crop Protection division mainly focus on occurrence and distribution of pests, nematodes and diseases; detection and diagnosis of emerging pests, nematodes and diseases, surveillance, etiology, pathogen diversity, epidemiology, pest and disease forecasting. Development of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Nematode Management (INM) and Integrated Disease Management (IDM) strategies with special emphasis to biological control in coconut, arecanut and cocoa cropping system is another research area of the division. Mass production and distribution of bio agents (Goniozus nephantidis, Bracon brevicornis, Trichoderma harzianum and Entomopathogenic Nematodes. EPN cultures) are also one of the major streamline activities.

Major Research Activities:

  1. Integrated biocontrol of major pests of coconut like eriophyrid mite, red palm weevil, leaf eating caterpillar, white grub and rhinoceros beetle.
  2. Refinement of IPM and IDM for major pests and diseases of coconut, arecanut and cocoa.
  3. Collection and cataloging of natural enemies of the pests.
  4. Field evaluation of EPN against coconut and arecanut white grub, rhinoceros beetle, red palm weevil and other intercrop pests in cropping system.
  5. Surveillance and monitoring of possible invasive and emerging pests of palms and cocoa.
  6. Integrated approaches for the management of tea mosquito bug in cocoa.
  7. Development of diagnostics for coconut root (wilt) disease (RWD) and arecanut yellow leaf disease (YLD) using molecular techniques.
  8. Studies on induced systemic resistance against RWD and YLD.
  9. Diversity analysis of Phytophthora sp. causing disease of coconut and cocoa.
  10. Diversity analysis of Ganoderma sp. causing disease in coconut and arecanut.
  11. Epidemiological studies on Phytophthora disease of coconut and cocoa.
  12. Developing IDM Modules for Phytophthora diseases.
  13. Demonstration of new IPM and IDM technologies developed by CPCRI in farmers gardens.
  14. Development of formulations and upscaling mass production of EPN and host insect, Galleria mellonella.
  15. Development of biopesticides and bioformulations against sucking pests including whiteflies in coconut cropping system.