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Dr. Manikantan M .R

Principal Scientist

Physiology, Biochemistry, Harvest & Post Harvest Technology

Principal Scientist


04994-232894 ext 326

Ph.D.(Food and Agricultural Process Engineering) PG Diploma in Operations Management PG Diploma in Human Resources Management

Post Harvest Technology, Nanocomposite Technology

Equipment/Technology Developed:

1.Plug flow biogas plant [Project work of B.E.(Ag) in 1991]

2.Processing technology for the extraction of oil from oil palm seeds and kernels [Project work of M.E.(Ag) in 1994]

3.Post harvest technology of Karanj, a non-traditional oilseed

4. Process technology for the production of sattu from various combinations of cereals and legumes.

5.Development of integrated dryer for high value paddy varieties and medicinal and aromatic plants

6.Development of energy efficient pulse milling technology

7.Development of sunflower dehuller and sunflower based confectionary products

8. Development of continuous conduction paddy parboiling unit using LPG as indirect heating medium (Project work of Ph.D.)

9. Industrial friendly process technology for the fabrication of high barrier nano composite films from commercially available polymers for packaging of processed food products (Project work of Ph.D.)

10.Development of groundnut deskinner for the production of groundnut based dairy analogues

11. Autoclavable microencapsulation system with multistage breakup two fluid nozzle for clean production of microcapsules.

12. Process technology for the production of protein rich flour, bakery and extruded products from deoiled sesame and sunflower cakes.

Patents Filed:

1. A new process of oil extraction from karanj seed through mechanical expression (1159/DEL/2006)

2. A process for production of kernels from NSFH-36 variety of sunflower seeds for confectionery purpose in food industry (1436/DEL/2006)

3. Development of sunflower kernel based confectionery products (2405/DEL/2006)

4. Autoclavable microencapsulation system with multistage breakup two fluid nozzle for clean production of microcapsules (3014/DEL/2011)

International Assignment:

1. Selected by Japan International Cooperation Agency in global competition mode as Participant of Group Training Course on “Post Harvest Rice Processing – II” based on Country Report in the year 2004.

2. Co-coordinator of 15 days Indo-Africa Forum Summit Training on “Post Harvest Processing and Value Addition of Food Products” in the year 2011.

3. Selected by NAIP, ICAR for the international training on “Smart Packaging” at Kansas State University, USA.

·         Jawaharlal Nehru Award for post graduate research for the year 2010 for outstanding research in the field of Agricultural Engineering

·         Distinguished Service Certificate Award for Outstanding contribution in the field of Agricultural Processing and Post Harvest Technology for the year 2012-2013 from     Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers.

·         “Second Best Paper Award” in National Seminar on “Innovative Approaches in Dairy Industry” held during 1-2, March 2013 at S M C College of Dairy Science, Anand   Agricultural University, Anand.

·         “Best Poster Paper” from Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers for the year 2012.

·         Appreciation Certificate for developing and commercializing Autoclavable microencapsulation technology from Director, CIPHET, Ludhiana in the year 2012.


·         First prize for presenting the research paper in National Symposium on Recent Trends in Food Processing & World Food Day 2008, TNAU, Coimbatore.

·         Third prize for best poster presentation in ICFOST-2002 by Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India), CFTRI, Mysore.

·         Awarded “A” Grade by NAARM for 71st FOCARS Training in the year 2000.

·         TNAU Merit Scholarship holder during M.E.(Ag) and Ph.D.

·         CSIR Fellowship for Ph.D.



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