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Dr. Chandran K. P

Principal Scientist

Social sciences

Principal Scientist


04994- 232893 (Extn: 205)

Ph D

Agricultural Statistics

o   Generalized nonlinear growth model for modeling plant disease dynamics

o   Intermittent demand modelling

o   Yield forecast with partial harvest in cocoa

o   Nonparametric regression techniques for jump regression and computation of growth rates

o   Semi parametric methods for covariance analysis

o   Evolved sampling strategies for conducting field surveys for assessment of pest/disease incidence and yield loss in major coconut and arecanut growing regions

o   Price forecast using time series and Support Vector regression

o   Developed Coconut portal, Databases on coconut production, price and trade statistics, SAS macros for analysis of designed experiments

·         UAS gold medal (2000), IARI Merit medal for outstanding PhD thesis. (2005)

·         Junior Research Fellowship of ICAR (1998), Senior Research Fellowship of IARI (2000)

·         Rising Star award from Hewlett Packard (2009), e-awards for outstanding performance in individual  projects in hardware forecasting in Hewlett Packard, Bangalore (2008 & 2009)

·         Member of Working group on Agriculture(13th Five year plan), Kerala State Planning Board

·         Best paper awards in conferences (2014, 2016,2019)




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