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Dr. Vinayaka Hegde

Head, Division of Crop Protection

Crop Protection

Head, Division of Crop Protection


04994-232894 ext 240

M. Sc ( Agriculture), Ph. D ( Plant Pathology) from IARI, New Delhi

Plant Pathology

·         Development of diagnostics for diseases of tropical tuber crops

·         Developed serological (DAC–ELISA, NCM -ELISA) and nucleic acid based (RT-PCR and NASH) diagnostics for detection of Sweet potato feathery mottle virus and   Dasheen mosaic virus

·         First time recorded the mixed occurrence of SPFMV and Sweet potato leaf curl Georgia virus (SPLCGV) in India based on sequencing of CP genes of the respective virus.

·         First time confirmed and identified Dasheen mosaic virus associated with mosaic disease of elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius) based on biological,   serological and sequencing of coat protein gene of the virus. Characterized and developed rapid species specific PCR based detection for the fungal pathogens namely       Phytophthora coclocasiae, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Phytophthora palmivora and Sclerotium rolfsii. Management of diseases of tropical tuber crops

·         An IDM for cassava mosaic was developed which involved use meristem derived virus free cassava, planting of barrier crops like maize or redgram, spraying of antiviral   plant extract like Boerhavia diffusa or Mirabilis jalapa

·         Isolated and identified cassava rhizosphere and endophytic bacteria capable of plant growth promotion, showing good biocontol potential against cassava tuber rot   pathogen Phytophthora palmivora and inducing systemic resistance against cassava mosaic virus

·         Developed a simple and efficient micropropagation protocol for greater yam and taro. Indexing of potato for viruses

·         Indexed more than 500 tissues cultured and seed potatoes for viruses by electron microscopy and serological (ELISA) based detection of potato viruses. Also tested the   potatoes for viroid infection by Nucleic acid spot hybridization. Improved the ISEM for potato viruses, Developed Perseveration technique for potato viruses

·         Awarded IARI Merit Medal for outstanding research work during Ph.D. 1994.

·         Awarded U.A.S. Gold Medal for highest OGPA during M. Sc.(Agriculture).

·         Awarded GOI National Merit Scholarship based on percentage of marks obtained in SSLC




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