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Dr. Paulraj. S

Senior Scientist

Crop Production

Senior Scientist


04994-232894 (ext) 226

PhD (Agrl. Microbiology)

Agrl. Microbiology

·         Documented the abundance of novel Cand. Patescibacteria in YLD endemic rhizosphere environment and their significance (DOI:10.25081/jpc.2022.v50.i1.7785;; SPHM21-p64)


·        Documented the microbiome profiling, abundance and diversities of the YLD endemic rhizosphere (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dib.2021.107443)

·        Conceptualized microbiome-mediated nutrient transformations and the impaired Rhizosphere Nitrogen Transformation Cycle (RNTC) could underlie the Yellow Leaf Disease (YLD) inflicted arecanut (GPCP21 pp117-18; PLACROSYM24-p221-22)

·         Co-developed the commercialized technology protocol for the production of foam mat dried coconut milk powder & ready to cook kheer mix  and the process protocol patent has been filled (TEMP/E-1/29398/2020)

·         Co-developed the process technology for the development of jelly, tender nut water dessert and squash from tender/matured coconut water.

·         Co-developed the commercialized technology protocol for the production of coconut milk residue based extrudates – ‘Kalpa Krunch’ 

·         Documented Relative Field Inoculation Responsiveness (RFIR) and Relative Field Inoculation Dependency (RFID) of P and biofertilizers (Mesorhizobium ciceri, AMF, Phosphobacteria) in chickpea (In: JFL. 2015. 28(1): 45-49).

·         Co-developed the bioinoculant technology of synergistic PGPR with ACC deaminase activity to alleviate abiotic (moisture deficit) stress tolerance in chickpea (In: JFL, 2016; 29(1): 37 & 29 (3&4): 220-224).

·         Co-developed the poly mulch technology and documented the growth and yield performance due to mulching and planting techniques in Bt/non-Bt cotton (In: IJAS. 2011. 81(1): 55-59), Tech bulletin No.1/2009. CICR)

·         Co-developed and documented poly mulch, drip fertigation technology for resource conservation of water, nutrients and production potential of extra long staple Bt cotton – maize system (In: JCRD. 2012/2013. 26(2): 186-189 & 27 (1): 45-49). 

·         Co-developed the bioinoculant Technology - Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophic Bacteria (PPFMB) (In: CRJ, 2014. 6(1): 50-53; TMCMM1-MM2.3, CICR) 

·         Explored and documented the Symbiotic association of bacteria in Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) Steinernema carpocapsae, Steinernema seemae and Oscheius amsactae, their larvicidal activity. (In: GPCP 2021 pp. 328-29; NCP 2014, Pp.96-97).

·         Co-developed Crop Management technology / Package of Practices - Biodynamic organic farming system for hill crops under Nilgris ecosystem. (In: New crop varieties, farm implements and management technologies-2004. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Pp 57)

·        Best Research paper oral presentation award (GPCP 2021) In: Golden Jubilee International Conference on ‘Global Perspectives in Crop Protection for Food Security’, TNAU, Coimbatore, 8-10th Dec.2021

·         AICRP on PHET Best Centre of the Year 2019-20 - Member of AICRP on PHET research group of ICAR-CPCRI 

·         ICAR-CPCRI Best Scientific Team Research Award - (2019-20) 

·         Award of ICAR-SRF (PGS) in the discipline “Microbiology (Agriculture) - 2nd Rank (2008-09)

·         Best Poster Award (ICGL 2009) In: International Conference on ‘Grain Legume-Quality improvement, Value addition and Trade (ICGL 2009)’ held on Feb. 14-16, 2009 at Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur, India. 

·         Best Poster Award (ICGL 2009) In: International Conference on ‘Emerging trends in production, processing and utilization of natural fibers’ held at Mayfair, Worli, Mumbai on 16-18 April, 2009

·         ICAR-Agricultural Research Service (ARS) 2005 - 4th Rank

·         National Eligibility Test (NET) (2003 & 2005; ICAR-ASRB)




Research Papers (Research Journal)

1Paulraj S., Ravi Bhat , M.K. Rajesh , S.V. Ramesh , U.K. Priya , R. Thava Prakasa Pandian, Vinayaka Hegde, P. Chowdappa. 2022. Metagenomic analysis reveals predominance of Cand. Patescibacteria  in the rhizosphere of Yellow Leaf (Disease) endemic Arecanut palms. Journal of Plantation Crops 50(1); 26-34
2Bhagya N, Mohammad A, Chinmaya N. K., Rajesh M. K., Gangaraj K. P., Mohammad A. N., Santosh, K. B., Sandeep K., Paulraj S., Hegde V, Prasad T.S.K., 2022 Toward Phytopathogen Diagnostics? Coconut bud rot pathogen Phytophthora palmivora  mycelial proteome analysis informs genome annotation. OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology 26(4):189-203. doi: 10.1089/omi.2021.0208. (Epub 2022 Mar 29) 
3Paulraj, S., Ravi Bhat , M.K. Rajesh , S.V. Ramesh , U.K. Priya , R. Thava Prakasa Pandian, Vinayaka Hegde, P. Chowdappa.2021. Data of 16S rRNA gene amplicon-based metagenomic signatures of arecanut rhizosphere soils in Yellow Leaf Disease (YLD) endemic region of India. Data in Brief  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dib.2021.107443. 
4Paulraj S. and S. Anthoni Raj. 2018. Effect of Azophos (50:50), a biofertilizer formulation on cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum  L. Maton) in primary nursery.International Journal of Innovative Horticulture. 7(1):46-49.
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Paulraj, S. Murugesan Senthilkumar and Jagdish Singh. 2015. Relative field responsiveness and dependency of chickpea to combined inoculation of Mesorhizobium ciceriarbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, phosphobacteria and phosphorus under inceptisol. . Journal of Food Legumes  28(1): 45-49.
8Nalayini, P., R. Anandham, S. Paulraj and P. Chidambaram. 2014. Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophic Bacteria (PPFMB) - A potential bioinoculant for cotton nutrition.. Cotton Research Journal, 6(1): 50-53.
9Nalayini, P., S. Paulraj and K. Sankaranarayanan. 2013. Water use efficiency, nutrient uptake and production potential of extra long staple Bt cotton – maize system with moisture conservation techniques and ET based irrigation. Journal of Cotton Research and Development,  27 (1): 45-49. 
10Nalayini, P., S. Paulraj and K. Sankaranarayanan. 2012. Drip fertigation of major secondary and micronutrients for enhancing the productivity of extra long stable Bt cotton. Journal of Cotton Research and Development,  26(2):186-189.