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Dr. Neenu S

Senior Scientist

Crop Production

Senior Scientist


04994-232894 (ext) 214

Ph.D (Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry)

Soil Chemistry/ Soil Fertility

·         Chemical Characterization of cocoa pod husk biochar was done.

·         Phosporus sorption capacity of Cocoa pod husk biochar amended soils were determined.

·         Co-developed technology for biochar production from coconut waste.

·         Reported the rate of soil potassium depletion in organic fertilizer trials under HDMSC.

·         Biochar coated urea materials developed to increase the N use efficiency in maize.

·         Identified and reported the major phosphorus fractions in Permanent Manurial Trials experiment of coconut

·         Ameliorating effect of Leucena biochar on soil acidity was established.

·         "Mridaparikshaka" soil test kit was developed and filed for patent.

·         Identified the best nutrient use efficient varieties of soybean and chickpea under the changing climatic condition in central India.

·         The optimum phosphorus levels for both soybean and chickpea varieties under the changing climatic conditions in central India were fixed for getting higher yield.

·         The best fertilizer management practices for major soybean and chickpea varieties were identified.

·         Phosphorus saturation indices of major soils of India were calculated for phosphorous loss by leaching.

·         Developed QUEFT model for Bitter gourd.

·         Established the partial substitution of K with Na in Coleus without affecting the yield.

·         KAU Merit Scholarship for MSc

·         Second rank holder in MSc Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in KAU

·         KSCSTE fellowship for doing PhD

·         IPNI Scholar award 2011





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