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Agricultural Extension

·         The effectiveness of farmer participatory approach in the performance assessment of various technologies related to improved varieties, cropping/farming systems,   nutrient management and crop protection in various production systems were tested through technology interventions under the Institution -Village Linkage Programme (IVLP) implemented in 770 contiguous farm holdings located in three selected villages.

·         A multidimensional analysis was carried out to study the extent of crop intensification in coconut based farming systems (CBFS) adopted by farmers, to analyse the economics of coconut based cropping systems and to analyse the constraints in the adoption of coconut based farming systems. The study covered 90 selected CBFS holdings.

·         A study on field performance of microirrigation systems installed in farmers field was conducted to delineate the factors contributing to the adoption of microirrigation systems, to evaluate the technical performance of the microirrigation systems installed in farmers field and to document the re-inventions by farmers in microirrigation systems.

·         Facilitated the formation of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) as an innovative extension approach for sustainable income enhancement under the project sponsored by IPGRI for developing sustainable coconut based income generating technologies in poor rural communities implemented by CPCRI, in two selected coconut communities, at Pallikkara in West Coast region and Ariyankuppam in East Coast region. The ongoing NAIP project on ‘Value chain in coconut’ also implement the technological interventions related to production and processing technologies for coconut in ten coconut clusters through the formation of CBOs of coconut farmers.

·         Facilitated interaction between various stakeholders for enhancing technology utilization in coconut, arecanut and cocoa by utilizing a group video conferencing system through ISDN installed at the ATIC, CPCRI, Kasaragod and also by using a mobile videoconferencing unit as part of the cyber extension activities. The programme is being continued

·         As Principal Investigator of the Farmers’ Participatory Action Research Programme (FPARP) on ‘Soil and Water Conservation and Water Harvesting in the West Coast Region of Kerala’ sponsored by Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, appropriate soil and water conservation measures and low cost water harvesting structures were demonstrated in a total of 105 farmers’ holdings in Kasaragod District.




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