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Dr. Samsudeen K

Principal Scientist

Crop Improvement

Principal Scientist


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Plant tissue culture

·         Involved in developing four varieties and one hybrid in coconut

·         Explored islands of Lakshadweep and reported niu vai type of coconut.

·         Identified three distinct types in Laccadive ordinary cultivar.

·         Developed the concept of in situ conservation and participatory characterization in coconut

·         Explored, collected and accessioned sweet kernel coconut germplasm.

·         Involved in developing inbreds in coconut.

·         Explored and collected wild germplasm of Oryza from western and southern Orissa.

·         Explored and collected land races of Boro rice from Assam.

·         Involved in collection and conservation of endangered species of Vanilla and Piper.

·         Studied somaclonal variation in ginger especially with regard to yield, resistance to rhizome rot, dry recovery and quality.

·         Developed tissue culture protocols in ginger, cardamon, turmeric, black pepper, long pepper and cinnamon for large scale multiplication.

ICAR Team Research Award 1994-96, for multidisciplinary research and outstanding contribution in the field of Horticultural Science



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