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Dr. Murali Gopal

Head, Division of PB & PHT

Physiology, Biochemistry, Harvest & Post Harvest Technology

Head, Division of PB & PHT


04994-232894 ext 225


Soil Microbiology

·         Unraveled the culturable/unculturable bacterial diversity of coconut leaf vermicomposting through pyrosequencing.

·         Standardized vermiwash production from coconut leaf vermicompost

·         Established the positive impact of coconut leaf vermicompost and vermiwash on soil health and fertility.

·         Promoted coconut leaf vermicomposting technology in coconut growing states in India through supply of nucleus earthworm culture.

·         Collected & screened more than 1000 PGPR isolates from coconut, arecanut and cocoa for bio-inoculant development.

·         Initiated allelopathic interaction studies in coconut based cropping system.

·         Recovered Oryctes virus from Lakshadweep Islands and Metarhizium anisopliae for bio-control of coconut insect pest.

·         NAIP Intl. Training Fellowship Award in Mol. Microbial Taxonomy - Univ. of Georgia, Athens, USA, Aug-Nov. 2010.

·         Rothamsted International Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award – 2007-08, Rothamsted Research, UK.

·         ICAR Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Res. Award in Agrl. & Allied Sciences for the biennium 2005-06.

·         Best Poster Award – Intl. Conf. on Microbial Diversity: Current Perspectives and Potential Applications – Uni. of Delhi, South Campus, New Delhi, April 16-18, 2005

·         MASHAV, Israel, Scholarship Award for undergoing graduate course in ‘Biotech. in Agrl. – Plants & Microorganisms’ at Hebrew Uni. of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agrl., Food &   Environ. Quality Science, Rehovot, Israel- Jan-March 2004.

·         Best Poster Award - National Conf. on Coastal Agrl. Res., ICAR Res. Complex for Goa , Old Goa, 6-7 April 2002.

·         NET-ICAR Award – 1993, by ASRB, New Delhi.

·         Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Academic qualifications in the M. Sc. Microbiol. at IARI, New Delhi, in 1992.

·         DST/DBT/INSA/CSIR Intl. Travel Grant Awards to attend Intl. Conferences in Australia (2005) and Switzerland (2011).

·         ICAR Jr. & Sr. Fellowship Award for doing M.Sc (1989) .& Ph. D (1991) in IARI, New Delhi.




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