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Dr. Anitha Karun

Acting Director

Crop Improvement

Acting Director




Ph. D Horticulture (Pomology)

Tissue culture, embryo culture, cryopreservation in palms

·         The CPCRI protocol of coconut embryo culture

·         Coconut plumule culture

·         Cryo preservation of coconut zygotic embryos

·         Cryopreservation of coconut pollen

·         Arecanut tissue culture

·         Oil palm tissue culture

·         Oil palm?Pisifera embryo rescue

·         Male - specific RAPD marker in palmyrah

·         ICAR AWARD FOR TEAM RESEARCH FOR THE BIENNIUM 1999-2000:Dr. V.A. Parthasarathy, Dr. P.M. Kumaran, Dr.(Mrs) M.J. Ratnambal, Dr. (Mrs) Anitha Karun, Dr (Mrs) V. Niral, Dr. V. Arunachalam, Dr.(Mrs) Anuradha Upadhyay for the outstanding research contribution to the field of improvement of coconut germplasm.

·         R.L. Narasimha Swamy Memorial Award for the best original Research PAPER displayed at poster session in first International Symposiumon on Plantation Crops (PLACROSYM-XI) at Calicut (November 30 to December 3, 1994) for the paper In vitro active conservation of coconut zygotic embryos by Anitha Karun, Sajini K.K and R.D.Iyer.

·         Special PLACROSYM award for the best original Research Paper displayed at poster session in the second International Symposium on Plantation Crops (PLACROSYM-XIV) at Hyderabad during December 12-15, 2000 for the paper Comparative Evaluation of coconut embryo culture protocols by Anitha Karun, Sajini K.K , A. Upadhayay and V.A. Parthasarathy.

·         R.L. Narasimha Swamy Memorial Award for the best original Research paper displayed at poster session of PLACROSYM XVIII entitled Effect of cytokinins on growth and maturation of direct somatic embryos in arecanut (Areca catechu L.). by Radha E., Anitha Karun, Rajesh, M. K., Nancy J. Mariya. Held at NRCC Puttur 10-13, December , 2008.




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