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MGMG of ICAR CPCRI RS, Kayamkulam - Farming for nutrition- MGMG women farmers lead the way

Feb 25, 2022 : CPCRI- Kayamkulam

As part of MGMG programme, 25 women farmers of Bharanikkavu Grama Panchayat ventured in vegetable cultivation using HYV of vegetable seeds supplied from ICAR- CPCRI, Regional Station, Kayamkulam. Five packets of seeds of varieties of ICAR-IIHR, Begaluru viz., amaranthus, okra, brinjal, vegetable cowpea and pumpkin were distributed to each farmer. Training program on scientific vegetable cultivation and follow up technical guidance were given

Mrs. Bindu, one of the progressive women and the group leader, expressed that she is confident of scientific approaches in any farming, for better growth and high yield. The MGMG intervention was a motivating step towards experiencing the joy of farming, fresh from farm products for household consumption and sharing with peers and neighbours. Initially vegetables were grown in a small piece of land surrounding the house as home garden and now turned to be a replicable model and a portion for marketing also. Family involvement, especially her sons’ was really laudable and offering them. This women group had derived pleasure in this vegetable farming which involved their family members and adopting women-friendly approaches as well igniting the concept of family farming in the village. Adoption of women-friendly technologies and increase in work efficiency by space and quality time to be with nature and farming. The demand for home grown vegetables is plenty, as it was pesticide free and customers directly come to farm for purchasing vegetables. The MGMG team visited other farmers vegetable gardens and participated in the harvest of fresh vegetables along with family members. A mini harvest festival was organized by the women farmer and the visiting scientists from Kayamkulam on 25-02-2022.

Seeing the enthusiasm of women farmers, ICAR- CPCRI is with them to expand their activity by forming groups. Sri S. Ajaykumar, Ward member, Bharanikkavu panchayat expressed his interest to initiate nutrition garden in Captain N P Pillai Memorial School, Kattachira, learning from this success activity. The women farmers were provided with additional vegetable seeds for raising seedlings for the nutrition garden for their groups and for the school garden. The group is hopeful to add more women members to further expand their activities with the technological patronage of ICAR-CPCRI through the flagship MGMG programme. This approach is the first step towards self-reliant vegetable farming for sustainability in the region.