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Bringing market to farm gate through FFP- FPO

Dec 18, 2020 : CPCRI- Kayamkulam | Author:Web Admin

The Farmer FIRST programme OF ICAR CPCRI is in progress in participatory mode since November 2016 in Pathiyoor panchayath among 1000 farm families. Various varieties of Sesamum, Finger millet, Ginger, Turmeric, Tubers, Poultry breeds and other technologies were evaluated and prioritized based on the results of farmer participatory experimentation. The output and the outcome resulted in increased production, conversion of 370 ha of fallow land and increase in income of participating farmers and farm women. The increase in production of crops, egg, coconut products warranted procurement, marketing facilities and demand for basic inputs like planting materials, bio inputs are also on the high. Hence under the Farmer FIRST Programme, group discussions were organized and it was decided to initiate a market outlet for the famers in linkage with Odanadu Farmer Producing Company LTD was formed and being facilitated by ICAR CPCRI. The market outlet was inaugurated on 18/12/2020 by Honorable Kayamkulam MLA Adv. U. Pratibha, Dr. Anitha Karun, Director, ICAR CPCRI offered the key note address and Dr. Kalavathi, Acting Head, ICAR CPCRI RS, Kayamkulam launched the sale of nutrient mixture Kalpa Vardhini. Mr. Premkumar T.K, DDM, NABARD, Alappuzha felicitated the function and distributed the share certificates. Dr P. Anithakumari, PS & PI (FFP) offered the welcome address and coordinated the function .The facilities presently available are knowledge corner ,demonstration units ,grow bags ,Coir pith blocks, products by FFP farmers like planting materials of tubers and spices, vermicompost, shade dried cowdung and OFPC products like Kera Probio (ICAR CPCRI bio fertilizer) , Kalpa Vardhini (ICAR CPCRI nutrient mixture for adult coconut palms) and vegetable seedlings .The meeting started by 3:30 and came to a close by 5 pm with National anthem.