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Representatives for formulation of Policies

The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or presentation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation there of.

ICAR-CPCRI is regularly organizing the meetings of Institute Management Committee which includes two non-official members (nominated by the Govt. of India) representing the stakeholders/farmer community who act as the interface between the management and the public/stakeholders. In addition, these two non-official members are co-opted as members of the Research Advisory Committee mandated to review ongoing research programmes/formulate research priorities for the subsequent year. An annual Stakeholders Meeting is conducted every year prior to the RAC/IRC meetings to elicit the views/expectations/feedback from the public/stakeholders. Besides, representatives from the farming community, extension agencies, SAUs/state Department of Agriculture/developmental agencies/commodity boards/agri-business entrepreneurs etc. are invited to participate/articulate their views in the Plenary session of the Institute Research Committee while finalizing the research agenda for the subsequent year.

Name Designation -
1. Research Advisory Committee
Dr. V.A. Parthasarathy
FNABS, Former Director, IISR, Kozhikode
Chairman -
Dr. Nirmal Babu
Former Director, ICAR-IISR, Kozhikode
Member -
Dr. George V. Thomas,
Former Director, ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod.
Member -
Dr. H.B. Singh,
Former Professor & Head, Plant Pathology, 13/21 Vikas Nagar, P.O. Vikas Nagar, Lucknow-226022 (U.P.)
Member -
Dr. P.S. Negi,
Chief Scientist, Fruits and Vegetables Technology, CSIR-CFTRI, Mysuru
Member -
Dr. R.N. Padaria,
Joint Director (Extension), ICAR-IARI, Pusa, New Delhi
Member -
Mr. Krishna Kumar,
Managing Director, CAMPCO Ltd., Mangaluru
Member -
Shri. Suresh Kumar Shetty,
Progressive Farmer, Kumbla, Kasaragod
Member-IMC -
Shri. Sadananda Shetty,
Progressive Farmer, Paivalike, Manjeshwara
Dr. V.B. Patel,
ADG (Fruits and Plantation Crops), ICAR, New Delhi.
Ex-officio Member  
Dr. K. Balachandra Hebbar,
Director, ICAR - CPCRI, Kasaragod
Ex-officio Member  
Dr. Vinayaka Hegde, Head (Crop Protection) Member Secretary -
2. Institute Management Committee
Dr. K. Balachandra Hebbar,
Director, ICAR - CPCRI, Kasaragod
Chairman -
Shri. Suresh Kumar Shetty Pookatte House, Kidoor, P.O. Kumbla, Kasaragod - 671321 Non official member -
Shri Sadananda Shetty K., Meenja Kanyana, Paivalike - 671322 Non official member -
The Assistant Director General (HS.II) Horticultural Science Division Indian Council of Agricultural Research Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan Pusa, New Delhi - 110012 Member -
Chief Administrative Officer, ICAR - CPCRI, Kasaragod Member Secretary -
3. Institute Joint Staff Council Official Side Members of the IJSC
Dr. K. Balachandra Hebbar,
Director, ICAR - CPCRI, Kasaragod
Chairman -
Dr. Ravi Bhat, SIC, PME, ICAR - CPCRI, Kasaragod Member -
Dr. K. Muralidhran, AHoD, Social Sciences, ICAR - CPCRI, Kasaragod Member  
Chief Administrative Officer Secretary (Official Side)