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Dr. Elain Apshara S

Acting Head, Regional Station

Crop Improvement Division

Acting Head, Regional Station


08255 239566

Ph.D. Horticulture | PGDCA | PGDCBI | PGDTMA

Fruits and Plantation Crops

·         Cocoa germplasm holding enhanced to 515.

·         Released three cocoa varieties VTLCS-1, VTLCS-2 and VTLCH-5.

·         Developed DUS guidelines for cocoa.

·         Established Cocoa Model Nursery.

·         Co-ordinating cocoa promotion activities in collaboration with Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development (DCCD).

·         Represented India in various cocoa forums at Brazil, USA, UK, Malaysia and Philippines.

·         Dr. K. G. Shanmugavelu award and Gold Medal for best Horticulture thesis 2000 by TNAU.

·         Jawaharlal Nehru Award for the best PG Agricultural Research 2001-2002 by ICAR.

·         Dr. C. S. Venkataram Memorial Award for the best original research paper entitled ‘Comparative studies on elite cocoa progenies in the initial years of growth’ published in   2008 in the Journal of Plantation Crops by ISPC.

·         Best oral presentation in technical session IV: Bioinformatics tools and databases, in the National Seminar on New Horizons and Challenges in Biotechnology and   Bioinformatics, 09-10 Oct 2014 for the paper on CocoaSTRESSdb.

·         Research guide- Biosciences, Mangalore University.

·         Research guide- Dept. of Plantation Crops, University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences (UAHS), Shivamogga.




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