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Dr. Mathew A .C

Principal Scientist


Principal Scientist


04994-232894 ext 237

M.Tech PhD

Soil and water conservation engineering

·         Low cost water harvesting structures, check dam, sub surface dam, storage tank and ventilated cross bar (VCB), using ferrocement technology to augment ground/ surface water resources.

·         In situ water conservation structures, half moon bund reinforced with pineapple, contour trench filled with coconut husk and catch pit filed with coconut husk, to augment soil moisture in coconut gardens.

·         Automatic irrigation system based on soil moisture tension

·         Prototypes of Machineries to produce Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips

·         Safety attachment for Chemberi model coconut and arecanut climbing machines.

·         Arecanut de-husking machine with self loading attachment

·         Tractor driven and self propelled air blast sprayers for coconut and arecanut.

·         Received the Water Environment Federation ‘McKee Groundwater Protection, Restoration, or Sustainable Use’ International Award during 2015

·         National Award 2012 of Coconut Development Board for the Best Research Worker (Machinery/ Equipment Development)

·         Received the ICAR Award for outstanding team research for the Biennium 2003-2004 for the project “Development of technologies for on farm engineering and post harvest processing of coconut”. The research work was carried out by Sri. K. Madhavan, Dr. S.J.D. Bosco, Dr. T. Vidhan Singh and Dr. A.C. Mathew.

·         Received the best poster paper award. The award was bagged by Drs. Dhanapal R., Palaniswami C., Mathew A.C and Augustine Jerard B. for the paper entitled “Soil and water conservation measures in coconut plantation” at National Symposium on Improving Input Use Efficiency in Horticultural Crops held at IIHR, Bangalore during 9-11, Aug. 2006.

·         Received the R.L Narasimha Swamy Memorial Award for the best original research. The award was bagged by Mathew A C, Sujatha S. and Shajathnan for the paper entitled “Water movement in the active rootzone of arecanut under drip irrigation” displayed at the poster session of the PLACROSYM XVI.

·         Received the best general lecture award of CPCRI for 2004-05

·         Received the best poster paper award presented on ‘Quality studies of wheat flour fortified with virgin coconut oil meal’ in the National Seminar on ‘Emerging Technologies in food Processing for Ensuring Food Safety & Quality-FOODEXPLORE II’ held during October 14-15, 2011 at Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbotore-641003

·         Dr.M.R.Manikantan, Dr.A.C.Mathew and Er.Manmohan Deo received the first prize for publishing the paper “Value added products of coconut (in Hindi) in 2016 Vol (1), Issue (2) of Basanti Agricultural Research Journal of ICAR-Directorate of Rapeseed-Mustard Research.

·         Member in the team of ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod Centre of AICRP on PHET receiving the first position for Best Centre of the year 2019-20 Award.

·         Member in the team of ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod Centre of AICRP on PHET receiving the first position for Best Centre of the year 2020-21 Award.

·         Member in the team of ICAR-CPCRI Best Scientific Team Research Award for the year 2020.

        Patents Granted

·         Coconut and arecanut palm climbing device

·         Coconut testa removing machine

·         Coconut Chips Slicing Machine

·         Manually operated coconut kernel slicing machine





Books: 6

Research papers: 37

Papers presented in Symposia/Conference: 44

Chapters in Books/Souvenir:8

Technical Bulletins: 8

Extension pamphlets: 4

Popular articles: 76


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