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Institutional Projects

List of Institutionally Funded Projects 2013-14
Project No. Name of the Project Name of the Project Leader Name(s) of associate(s)
1000765035 Diversity analysis of Phytophthora causing fruit rot/crown rot of arecanut and their management V. H. Prathibha Vinayaka Hegde
1000761001 Collection, conservation, cataloguing and evaluation of coconut germplasm V. Niral B Augustine Jerard, K Samsudeen, G.C. Acharya, K.B Hebbar, C Thamban, M Sankaran (CARI)
1000761002 Genetical investigations and breeding for high yield in coconut palm B. Augustine Jerard V Niral, K Samsudeen , M Sankaran (CARI), S Sendur Kumaran (KVK, Kundrakudi)
1000761025 Germplasm collection, conservation, characterization and breeding for high yield in arecanut K.S. Ananda G.C Acharya, A.K Sit, M Senthil Amudhan, N.R Nagaraja
1000761026 Germplasm collection, conservation, characterisation and breeding for high yield in cocoa S. Elain Apshara N. R Nagaraja, M Senthil Amudhan, A. K Sit, G. C Acharya
1000761004 Tissue culture for rapid multiplication of elite genotypes and basic studies in palms and cocoa Anitha Karun K. S Ananda, M. K. Rajesh, N. R. Nagaraja, R.J Thomas, M Shareefa
1000761008 Molecular characterization of coconut and arecanut M.K. Rajesh R. Manimekalai, K.S. Ananda , R.J Thomas, M. Shareefa, K. Devakumar
1000763010 Coconut based cropping system for island conditions of Lakshadweep V. Krishnakumar B. A Jerard
1000763048 Technology Development for palms and palm based cropping system for sub Himalayan terai region of West Bengal Arun Kumar Sit -
1000763050 Palm based mixed farming system for sustainable productivity and profitabilty P. Subramanian Alka Gupta, K. Nihad, Jeena Mathew, Sujatha Surekha, Selvamani
1000763025 Precision Farming in Coconut: Evolving site specific management practices for increasing the coconut productivity V. Selvamani P. Subramanian, Jeena Mathew, Surekha
1000763051 Coconut based cropping system for better resource use efficiency, productivity and profitability P. Subramanian Ravi Bhat, Murali Gopal, Surekha, Selvamani
1000763053 Management strategies for improving the productivity of coconut Ravi Bhat Surekha, P. Subramanian, Alka Gupta, Selvamani, Arivalagan
1000763056 Management strategies for arecanut production, health and nutrition S. Sujatha Ravi Bhat, M Senthil Amudhan, N.R. Nagaraja
1000763055 Organic farming and microbial technologies for coconut, arecanut and cocoa Murali Gopal Alka Gupta, P. Subramanian, Ravi Bhat, S. Sujatha
1000765036 Integrated management of Ganoderma wilt/ basal stem rot of coconut and arecanut V. H. Prathibha Ravi Bhat
1000765037 Investigations on symptom variation, host pathogen interaction and management of root (wilt) disease (RWD) of coconut and yellow leaf disease (YLD) of arecanut Vinayaka Hegde K.B.Hebbar, Merin Babu, V.K. Chaturvedi, Ravi Bhat, S. Sujatha
1000761027 Breeding for resistance/tolerance to coconut root (wilt) disease Regi J. Thomas M. Shareefa , Merin Babu , A. Joseph Rajkumar
1000763052 Integrated approaches for root (wilt) disease management in coconut V. Krishnakumar Jeena Mathew, A Josephrajkumar , Merin Babu, P. Anithakumari, K. Nihad
1000765038 Acquisition and transmission dynamics of potential vectors of coconut root (wilt) disease and arecanut yellow leaf disease. A. Joseph Rajkumar Merin Babu, M. Alagar, R. Manimekalai
1000765018 Investigations on Entomophaga and Entomopathogens of Coconut Pests Chandrika Mohan P.S. Prathibha
1000765029 Integrated approaches for the management of tea mosquito bug (TMB) in cocoa M. Alagar P.S Prathibha, S. E Apshara
1000765033 Surveillance, monitoring of possible invasive and emerging pests and refinement of IPM of palms and cocoa A Joseph Rajkumar Chandrika Mohan, K Subaharan, P.S Prathiba, M Alagar, G.C Acharya, AK Sit, Rajkumar
1000765034 Management of major coconut pests using entomopathogenic nematodes Rajkumar -
1000766012 Antimicrobial and anticariogenic activities of Arecanut M. Senthil Amudhan M. Arivalagan, Rekha Rai (KSHEMA)
1000766014 Adaptation strategies for drought and temperature stress management in coconut, arecanut and cocoa K.B. Hebbar M. Arivalagan
1000766013 Physiological and biochemical basis to improve the shelf life of tender coconut K.B. Hebbar M. Arivalagan
1000767014 Preservation and processing of coconut sap and haustorium into high value natural and nutritious food products M. R. Manikantan K.B. Hebbar, M. Arivalagan
1000767011 Development, Evaluation and Modification of Processing Gadgets/ Equipments (AICRP on PHT) A. C. Mathew M. R. Manikantan
1000769001 Statistical investigations for improving research methodology in plantation crops C.T. Jose K. Muralidharan, K.P. Chandran, S. Jayasekhar, D. Jaganathan
1000769005 Transfer of technology programmes in coconut, arecanut and cocoa K. Muralidharan C. Thamban, S. Kalavathi, P. Anithakumari, C. T Jose, D. Jaganathan, M. Alagar, A.K Sit
1000769017 Assessment and characterisation of coconut based cropping/farming systems adopted by farmers in major coconut growing tracts C. Thamban D. Jagannathan, P. Anithakumari,S. Kalavathi, S. Jayasekhar, K.P Chandran, Selvamani
1000769016 Technology Integration in coconut communities through action research for evolving extension delivery mechanisms P. Anithakumari S. Kalavathi
1000769013 Policy oriented research on palms and cocoa Jayasekhar. S C.T.Jose,K. Muralidharan, C. Thamban, K.P Chandran
1000769018 Soft computing techniques in Plantation crops Research K.P Chandran C .T Jose