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Externally Funded Projects

List of Externally Funded Projects 2013-14
Project No. Name of theProject Name of the Project Leader Name(s) of the associate(s) Funded by
1050761085 Mixed cropping of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) in coconut gardens under coastal agro-ecosystems H.P.Maheswarappa - -
2010760004 Seed production in Coconut, Arecanut, Cocoa K. Samsudeen K.S. Ananda , V. Niral,B. A. Jerard , S.Elain Apshara , Regi Jacob Thomas ,M. Shareefa ICAR
1050761086 DUS centre for coconut George V. Thomas V. Niral, K. Samsudeen PPV & FRA
1050761078 Scaling up the production of planting material from released varieties of coconut palms through plumule culture Anitha Karun - CDB
1050231012 Development of a database for plantation crops for biologists George V. Thomas M.K. Rajesh, Anitha Karun, K. Devakumar DBT
1050231073 Agri Bioinformatics Promotion Centre R. Manimekalai M.K. Rajesh, Elain Apshara, Murali Gopal DIT
1050231019 Horticulture mission for North-East and Himalayan States G. C. Acharya - ICAR
2010760008 Harnessing of arbuscular mycorrhizae for biofertilization in horticultural crops George V. Thomas Murali Gopal, Alka Gupta, Vinayaka Hegde ICAR
2010760005 Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied Sectors (AMAAS) George V. Thomas Murali Gopal, Alka Gupta, Vinayaka Hegde ICAR
2010760010 Diversity analysis ofBacillus and other predominant genera in extreme environments and its utilization in agriculture Alka Gupta Murali Gopal NAIP
2010760009 ICAR Outreach project on Phytophthora,Fusariumand Ralstonia diseases of horticultural and field crops Vinayaka Hegde V. H. Prathibha ICAR
1050761079 Isolation and Characterization of Resistance Gene Analogues (RGAs) from Coconut M.K. Rajesh - DBT
1050761087 Generation and analysis of Generation and analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) with reference to root (wilt) disease of coconut Shareefa M Regi J. Thomas KSCSTE
1050231067 Quick detection of root (wilt) disease in coconut using molecular kit R. Manimekalai - CDB
1050761089 Phytoplasma Diseases of Coconut and arecanut-Development of molecular diagnostics R. Manimekalai Vinayaka Hegde NFBSRFA
1050761088 Refinement of production technology of green muscardine fungus and participatory field validation of integrated biocontrol technology against rhinoceros beetle of coconut Chandrika Mohan P. Anithakumari CDB
1050761082 Identifying the pheromone synergists of red palm weevil,Rhynchophorous ferrugineus K. Subaharan A. Joseph Rajkumar CDB
1050761084 Studies on Development and Management of Water Conservation Measures to Augment Water Availability of Surangams-a Unique and Traditional Method of Harnessing Ground Water in Rural Areas of North Kerala and South Karnataka A.C. Mathew C. Thamban KSCSTE
2010760006 Value chain in coconut K. Muralidharan C. Thamban, A.C.Mathew, S. Jayasekhar NAIP
1050761090 Assessment of quantitative harvest and post harvest K.P. Chandran A.C. Mathew, M.R. Manikantan MoFPI
- losses of major crops/ commodities in India - - -
1050233003 Farmers' participatory research cum demonstration plots on Arecanut based cropping system D. Jaganathan C.T. Jose, Nagaraja, N. R., M. Alagar DASD
2010761091 Business Planning and Development Unit, CPCRI, Kasaragod K. Muralidharan K.B. Hebbar, A.C. Mathew, Murali Gopal, S. Jayasekhar NAIP